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Optical Express Laser Eye Surgery

Optical Express, established in 1991, has been serving the industry for more than 25 years and has gained recognition as one of the leading eye care providers in The United Kingdom.

Optical Express

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With about 128 clinics (including consultation and treatment clinics), it covers the widest geographical area for eye clinics in the UK. Optical Express works with surgeons having years of experience who have carried out more than a million treatments worldwide. The best part of the clinic? More than 99% of patients who achieved 20/20 vision and they recommend the clinic to their contacts. Not to mention, Optical Express is the only eye care center in the UK that invested in iFS150 intraLASE in each of its clinics in the UK. Mentioned below are the basic aspects of Optical Express that cover the essential information about the eye care provider. 

  • Types of Treatment offered by Optical Express 
  • Cost of Treatment at Optical Express
  • Where to Find Optical Express Clinics in the UK 
  • FAQs 

Types of Treatment offered by Optical Express 

Laser Eye Surgery Using LASIK and LASEK

 These surgical treatments can correct your vision in a few minutes. Lasek surgery is applicable when LASIK is not an option. Both the treatments involve a cool beam advanced laser that restructures the cornea. The surgeons at Optical Express use iDesign technology, based on Wavefront technology to take several measurements to bring accurate results. 

Lens Replacement

The company has around 20 years of experience in lens replacement surgery. This surgery is helpful in people with short-distance vision, long-distance vision, and cataracts. There are different types of lens replacement surgeries for different eye conditions. An eye consultant can decide the right surgery suitable for you.

  • Refractive Eye Lens Exchange (RLE): In this surgery, the natural eye lens is replaced with a synthetic intraocular lens implant. 
  •  Phakic IOL: Patients who are strongly prescripted are treated with Phakic IOL. 
  • YAG Laser Treatment:  It is a non-invasive treatment used for treating refractive former lens exchange in patients whose vision starts fading by the years. 

Cataract Surgery

According to the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) website, Optical Express is the next avenue where the highest numbers of cataract surgeries are performed after it. Patients suffering from cataracts have small patches that cause a blurry and cloudy vision. In order to rectify this eye condition, the damaged lens is removed and replaced with a premium synthetic lens that provides a sharper vision for shorter and distant sight. 

  • Monofocal Lens Surgery: In monofocal lens surgery, the vision is focused at a single distance such as far, near, or immediate distance. You can also opt to have different lenses in each eye, which will enable you to see at two different distances. However, some patients may take some time to get used to it. 

The patients who opt for monofocal lens surgery still have to wear glasses in both cases. For instance, if a patient has opted for far distance vision correction, he/she would need to wear glasses for reading, vice versa, if someone has opted for short-sightedness correction, he/she will have to use glasses for distance, such as driving. 

  • Multifocal Lens Surgery: In multifocal lens surgery, the patient will have a clear vision for both far and short sight. In this procedure, several optical powers are used by lenses at varying points. It relies on the movement of eye muscles to bring accurate distance in focus. It brings the best results when implemented in both eyes. The major benefit of this procedure is that most people don’t have to wear glasses for daily activities. 

Cost of Treatment at Optical Express

Mentioned below are the treatment costs of the popular lens and laser eye surgeries: 


(In Pound Sterling)

Lasik  595
Lasek 1,195
Lasik (iDesign) 1,495
Lasek (iDesign) 1,495
Monofocal Lens Surgery 1,995
Multifocal Lens Surgery 3,195
Phakic IOL 3,395
YAG 595


Where to Find Optical Express Clinics in The UK? 

Optical Express is branched into 128 clinics alone in the UK. The count is far higher than any other eye care provider in the nation. Mentioned below is the list of locations, Optical Express has its branches:

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester 
  • Liverpool
  • Glasgow
  • Dublin 
  • Leeds 
  • Uxbridge 
  • Truro
  • Maidstone 
  • Bristol 
  • Derby
  • Preston
  • Kingston upon Thames 
  • Birmingham 
  • New Castle upon Tyne 
  • Kirkcaldy
  • Belfast
  • Southampton
  • Nottingham
  • Wakefield 
  • Perth
  • Bellshill
  • Bradford
  • Carluke

Frequently Asked Questions 

Aftercare plan at Optical Express includes all kinds of medications required to aid the healing process, out-of-hours helpline, and optometrist-led follow-up appointments. The patients get constant care for 12 months as standard.

Yes, Optical Care has a 24-hour helpline number – 0800 023 2020 dedicated to customer support.

No, Optical express has not yet started selling glasses online. However, you can find expert advice, tips, and other information concerning eye and glasses on the website.

Not at all. A synthetic lens is placed inside the eye, unlike a contact lens that rests on the eye surface. Therefore, the patient doesn’t feel synthetic lenses after surgery.

The surgeons at Optical Express recommend waiting for at least three days after laser eye surgery before returning to work.

Mostly the patients experience improvement within the 24 hours of treatment. However, the patients can see an overall improvement by the end of the recovery period. Besides it also depends on the factors including the type of treatment you went through.

Optical Express is popular for its affordable laser eye surgery treatments. The treatment cost here starts from £595 per eye. Plus, the clinic offers numerous finance options to spread the cost.

You can easily book a free laser eye surgery consultation via its website, where you can book online and request a callback.

The duration of laser eye surgery may range from a few seconds to two minutes. It depends on the complexity of the prescription of the patient.

Yes, indeed! Optical Express was established in 1991, and since then, it has been consistently serving as an eye care provider giving excellent services and results. Besides, the staff here is highly professional as well as friendly.

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