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London Vision Laser Eye Surgery

Established in 2002, London Vision Clinic is one of the renowned eye care providers in the United Kingdom. The clinic is based in 138 Harley Street in London is known to provide the highest standards of patient care in laser eye surgery since its establishment.

London Vision uses advanced technology for laser eye surgery and provides sustainable eye assessments and treatments. The patients with critical or high prescriptions are also treated here, London Vision has successfully created a safe and effective laser eye surgery technique for complex cases. The best, as well as the unique thing about London Vision, is that it offers tailored treatments to every patient, where testing and screening is done 2-3 times for each patient. When it comes to the reviews provided by patients, the clinic receives 5-stars. The professionalism of staff and the honesty shown by the surgeons during the consultations is appreciated by the patients, which worked as a vital factor in pioneering London Vision in the field. 

This clinic review is going to cover almost all the aspects of London Vision, where you can explore more detailed information about it.

  • Types of treatments offered by London Vision 
  • Cost of Treatment at London Vision
  • Where to Find London Vision Clinics in the UK 
  • FAQs 

Types of Treatments offered by London Vision 

London Vision Clinic is known to offer a wide range of treatments to their patients based on their eye conditions and the severity of the problem. Mentioned below are the treatments provided by this renowned clinic in London. 

  • PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision
  • High Prescription Treatment 


PRK is a surface treatment that is almost like LASEK. In this treatment, the epithelium, which is a thin tissue that covers the front of Cornea is removed completely. This is done to reshape the permanent layer lying beneath it. Following this procedure, the surgeons apply a contact lens to the eye, which works as a bandage to enable the regrowth and epithelium under the contact lenses. 

Whereas in LASEK (which is also a surface treatment), the epithelium is not completely removed from the eye but is temporarily pushed to one side. Here also a contact lens is applied to the eye for the protection of surface and regrowth of epithelium.


LASIK is not a surface treatment, here the surgeons create a thin corneal flap. This flap includes epithelium and a small part of the stoma, which is pulled back to expose underlying permanent tissue. This becomes a doorway to the permanent tissue, which is reshaped by the surgeon, and then the flap is closed. This treatment does not require contact lenses, only flap edges in the eyes have to be sealed. 

ReLEX SMILE is advanced for LASIK, where a tiny keyhole is created. This treatment includes tunnelling down the eye surface through epithelium to the target tissue, which needs to be removed. This process causes minimum interference with the epithelium, which means less time is required to resurface the eye, leading to less recovery time. Therefore, the eye starts to heal almost instantly. 

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision is an innovative and modern treatment for the ageing eyes (presbyopia), which was first introduced in the UK by London Vision Clinic. In Presbyopia, the lens inside the eye starts to lose its flexibility, which causes an inability to change the shape, from distance to near and back. PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision treatment is Pioneered by professor Dan Reinstein (the owner of London Vision Clinic). This treatment can reduce and even completely eliminate the need for glasses, bifocals, and varifocals for years.

London vision has been treating Presbyopia using PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision since 2005. The best thing about this advanced technology is that it can be implemented using LASIK or PRK, whichever is the right procedure for the patient. Moreover, this technique has several benefits over Intraocular Lens Implants. First, this is a less invasive and safer treatment. Second, this technique does not affect vision quality. Third, this an accurate and precise procedure that can be adjusted with age. 

High Prescription Treatments 

Unlike other clinics where high prescription treatments include synthetic lens implants, London Vision has developed highly effective and safe laser eye surgery techniques for treating such cases. 

Cost of Treatment at London Vision


 (In Pound Sterling)

Standard ReLEx SMILE, LASIK, PRK / LASEK               2,600
High profile ReLEx SMILE, LASIK, PRK / LASEK             3,250


Where to Find London Vision Clinics in the UK?

London Vision Clinic does not have any branches or subsidiaries in the UK. the location of the clinic is 138 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 7LA, United Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions 

No. The techniques and technology used at London Vision are advanced and upgraded, which makes the entire procedure quick and painless. 

London Vision Clinic is operated in a single location in the UK. The location of the clinic is 138 Harley Street, London, Pin – W1G 7LA. 

Generally, you can start driving after 24 hours of the surgery, if you have opted for LASIK or ReLEX SMILE. 

London Vision also offers a satisfactory aftercare treatment for one year, where you are also given eye drops, and the charges for aftercare treatment are included in the fee. Afterwards, you can also go for optional annual examinations offered at £150 each. 

 If you have undergone LASIK or ReLEX SMILE treatment, you can generally return to work after 24 hours of surgery.

Yes, London Vision Clinic also offers the options to finance your payments, which starts from £196 and £250 per month for standard treatment and high-profile treatments respectively, at 0% interest for up to 24 months. There are no hidden charges, all the costs required to perform the treatments are included in this fee. 

The costs for Standard Laser Eye Surgery treatment include £5,200 (for both eyes), whereas for high profile treatment the costs may go up to £6,500 (for both eyes). 

Not at all! ReLX SMILE is a minimally invasive procedure, which can be performed in a few minutes. Generally, the procedure does not take more than 4-5 minutes. 

London Vision Clinic is owned and operated by Professor Dan Reinstein. He also pioneers in advanced techniques and technologies for laser eye surgery. 

London Vision Clinic is one of the most reliable and reputable clinics in the UK, known for providing the highest standard of patient care and advanced ophthalmic treatments. The clinic was established in 2002, and since then it has been receiving 5-stars from its patients. 

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